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Had a dream I didn't get any of my final projects done before their deadlines. :/
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Tried to explain Vocaloid to a few friends tonight and it actually made sense! Wow. xD Also told them I would send some of my favorite songs along, so here they are, with some info.

This is probably the most popular Vocaloid song.

Or this.

Girl From Byakkoya (of Paprika fame) cover by Kaito.

Gackt provided the voicebank for Gackpoid.

I follow the lady who did Luka'a voicebank on Twitter. She is a total sweetheart.

The cutest x3

Gumi is my new favorite. The artist Deco*27 has done amazing stuff with her voice and his song Coward Montblanc is semi responsible for her popularity.

This one is by far my favorite Gumi song though. :3

Matryoshka is pretty rad. I have been wanting to cosplay Gumi in this for awhile now. Might do so for NDK 2011.

Kagamine Rin and Len. This song is a guilty pleasure for me. :P
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Just painted the family room. So freaking worn out. Painting should not be that tiring. Now I'm just hanging out in my room, enjoying the fact that it's Saturday and I am not at work dealing with customers. Get your super sugary lattes from someone else! I love the days where I don't have to work or talk to anyone. My icon is making me wanna play Katamari Damacy, so I may go do that. :P

Oh dear.

Apr. 4th, 2011 07:09 pm
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So I guess I'm trying this thing again huh


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